Keep Your Teeth White By Replacing Coffee With Green Tea Extract

Coffee, chocolate and tea are some of the commonly used beverages for various obvious reasons. Waking up to hot coffee, tea or chocolate can help boost your activeness and stimulate your moods. Many people love these beverages and you can take them throughout the day if you need to. However, these beverages are also known to have a few concerns especially when you drink too much. Coffee for instance contains too much caffeine which may have various effects on the body.

Coffee and tarnished teeth
It is usually advisable to drink as little coffee as possible because it makes it harder for you to have white teeth. The dark brown coffee is associated with tarnished teeth and if you continue taking a lot of the beverage over a long period of time, your teeth may never be as white as you want them. So what do you do when you still need the relaxed anxiety free feeling and stimulation to focus on your projects?

Replacing coffee with green tea extracts
Among all the stimulant beverages (tea, coffee, chocolate…) coffee arguably has the greater impact and many people who use it would prefer nothing else. But if you want to keep your teeth white, you would rather replace it with an extract made of green tea. While the common understanding is that anything staining your cloth will also stain your teeth, it is the plainest of observation made. Tea, coffee, cola and sports drinks are known to stain teeth with cigarette being the leading cause of stains. However, green tea contains several compounds, nutrients and ingredients known to control inflammation, bacterial infections and removing oxidants. All these functions have benefits on the oral health. There are two main ways your teeth can get stained; intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic – this form of teeth staining is caused by internal activities like infections, gum disease that cause the teeth to change color in some spots. A medical approach should be used to prevent such staining.

Extrinsic – this staining is caused by external factors like smoking and drinking beverages like coffee and tea

Choosing green tea simply helps nourish your teeth and prevent any form of intrinsic teeth staining. The compounds in this tea help fight oxidants and bacteria known to cause teeth infections.

Green tea and white teeth

As opposed to coffee which keeps you active and motivated at the expense of staining your teeth, green tea has several benefits to help you keep your teeth whiter. It is known to help prevent teeth cavity, inflammation, tooth loss and decay. It also improves gum health, manages teeth cancer and leads to better breath. In research studies done on overall oral health with 1,000 men, it was determined that those drinking green tea regularly had better gum health and generally whiter teeth than those on coffee. It is therefore an ideal replacement for coffee. Moreover, it provides all the benefits and stimulation you expect from coffee. Once you get accustomed to your green tea, you will soon forget the coffee effect while keeping whiter teeth.