Top European City Breaks

European city breaks give you a chance to enjoy what Europe has to offer without necessarily spending weeks in one location. This opens doors to more history, art and culture. Europe is one of the top tourism destinations in the world owing to the iconic tourist attractions, the long history in culture and architecture and the friendly people in the different states. Here are a few top city breaks in Europe.

London – London is one of the most interesting cities in the world. There are iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the shopping experience, the many museums, art galleries, and recently The Eye. There are any things to see and a short vacation in the City can open doors to a lot of amazing things.

Paris – Paris is one of the famous cities for a number of reasons including being the romantic capital of Europe, and the fashion capital in the world. There are many attractions such as the Notre Dame cathedral, Eiffel Tower and the many attractive artworks displayed in different museums and art galleries.

Rome – Rome has shaped the history of Europe and is one of the earliest civilizations on the continent. The city is full of architectural structures, monuments, art galleries and legacies spanning a period of 3000 years. Some of the places to visit include the many temples, Vatican City, the Coliseum and many others. You will only need a short period of time to enjoy this top European city break.

Budapest – Budapest has to be one of the most amazing cities situated in Eastern Europe. Budapest is home to some of the most incredible thermal baths and spas. There are castles and great architecture to catch your eye and it’s one of the most relaxing breaks in Europe.

Amsterdam – Amsterdam has a reputation of being a party city, but beyond the fun time, the city is a beautiful destination, especially because if the exquisite canal systems some of the great places to visit while you are here include the Van Gogh Museum, the Royal Palace, Anne Frank House. This is an entertaining city break with great architecture and lively night-life.

Malaga РThis is one of the few European cities with their own beaches and makes a great destination for a break with a mix of the sea, the sun and amazing sightseeing. There are other highlights including the various museums, café culture, the beach and the surrounding Costa del Sol (easier to access by rental car)

City breaks offer something different to the usual beach holiday, so why not try something different the next time you’re planning a trip?